Will You Step Up?

Will You Step Up?

Some of us have perfected the use of excuses when it comes to someone asking us to do something. We often say, “I don’t have the time”, or maybe “I can’t do that”. For many these excuses increase as they get older, based on the false premise that as people get older, their ability to perform certain activities diminishes. Could it be that this response is not based on ability to do the task, but on an unwillingness to use our abilities?

God has given each of us certain talents, resources, and abilities. Never belittle God’s gifts by denying that He gave them to you. The Bible clearly teaches that God expects us to use for His glory all the gifts He has given us.

Maybe we are inclined to put too much emphasis on the word ability and forget that other words are involved.

Responsibility – We were lost sinners without hope of salvation when God provided forgiveness and eternal life through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through this great expression of love, we have become children of God. As members of the family of God we have responsibilities – just as we have responsibilities in our earthly families. We are answerable and accountable to the family of God. A responsible Christian will respond positively to opportunities to serve our Heavenly Father and the family of God.

Availability – Are you available for service or have you allowed other priorities to rob you of opportunities? Some people refuse to make themselves available, forgetting that a servant must always be available. A servant doesn’t tell his master which jobs he will accomplish and which jobs he will refuse to take on. No, a servant reports for duty and is available to do whatever the master desires. Can your Master count on your availability?

Dependability – A person can be available but not very dependable. This carries with it a willingness to be faithful, or basically a sense of seriousness about your responsibility. Too many jobs are quickly started and quickly abandoned. God is looking for people who will be committed from start to finish.

Excitability – Sometimes we are not asked to help because we seem to be void of the ability to be excited. You and I can do more harm than good by participating in a project that we don’t believe in or don’t have a great deal of excitement about. If you are enthusiastic about a task, you can overcome other deficiencies by inspiring others to be involved with you.

Pleasurability – This is the ability to derive delight and joy from participating in a project. In order to do this we must be able to see beyond the present and the visible. To receive pleasure from a ministry, we must be able to see God working, must be able to see that our participation is a joint effort with God, and we must be able to see that our efforts are providing lasting results.

Durability – Many of us do not want long-term commitments, yet often these bring the most Christian growth. Don’t accept a responsibility with the attitude that you intend to drop out at the first opportunity. Instead, determine to give your best as long as you are needed.

Too much of what God desires to accomplish is left undone because He can’t find the man or woman who takes their responsibility serious, who is available and dependable, who is excited and finds pleasure in serving God, and who is willing to be durable enough to see each task completed. The Master is calling on you. Can He count on you, His servant, to step forward to accomplish all that He desires for you to do?

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Pastor Steve