What A Mighty God We Serve

What A Mighty God We Serve

Ah, the beach! Don’t you just love getting away from the routine and the grind of daily life and heading for the shore? It is such a stress releaser – so refreshing – and a boost to intensifying our view of God. The ocean’s expanse, the rhythm of the waves, and the beauty of sunrises constantly shout, “There’s an awesome Creator behind all this!” And then, having been energized by experiencing God through His handiwork, we can more easily return to our regular life with a renewed knowledge that the same God who created all of what we just witnessed is also still at work in our lives at home, at work, and in all parts of our life.

Ah, the mountains! In fact, I’m in the midst of them now as I bang away at the computer. For numerous reasons, I love being in the middle of such grandeur. Yesterday as we drove up, down, and around, entering deeper into these huge mounds of rock and trees, I marveled at the Designer, Architect, and Maker of all that my eyes were taking in. Even the gray clouds and rain that accompanied us could not diminish my time of worship for our fabulous and marvelous Creator. This morning as we drove up the side of the mountain (normally I’m doing the driving – it was so nice to sit in the passenger seat), I looked down from the heights and the low-lying and thick clouds looked like a river of white foam as they weaved through the valleys below. It was a sight I’ll relive for years to come. And our God is responsible! What power, wisdom, and immensity is displayed. Again, I hear nature crying out, “ No accident here, this is only the work of a wise and beneficent Creator!

What a mighty God we serve!

Several churches, including the one I pastor, are up here ministering the love of Jesus to the poor in the hard-hit coal mining areas of Kentucky. As we gathered last night to plan for these two days of sharing, the Lord spoke so plain and loudly to me. The room was filled with volunteers from 4 different churches – some of us are in our senior years – middle aged years – young adult years – teenage years – and even lively children. And the personalities involved in this gathering are all over the scale of possibilities – introverts and extraverts, optimists and pessimists, energetic and laid back, city folk and country folk, North Carolina fans and Kentucky enthusiasts. And none of that is by chance. Our God made every one of us the way we are (well He really wanted to make all of us Virginia fans, but that’s another story). He is a God of variety, and that is sure on display for all to see in this group. The 7+ billion people in the world today each have an original/one-of-a-kind stamp of God on them. Every life proclaims, “I’m a unique and innovative creation of a marvelous Creator”. As I look at each individual on our team I’m looking at a Masterpiece of God. I remember decades ago there was the show “The Six Million Dollar Man”. That can’t even begin to describe the worth God has placed into each human design and person.

What a mighty, mighty God we serve!

Today we had the blessed privilege of sharing the gospel of Christ (about His life, death, burial and resurrection and about the redemption found in Him) with children and teens. The seashore is wonderful and the mountains are magnificent. The wonderful exclusive assortment of persons in the world today are something to behold. But none of that can compare and is as awesome as God saving a lost soul. This morning we beheld God transform rebels into worshippers. Words cannot describe what it felt like to lead all of these children and teens to Jesus and watch some of them turn to Him in repentance and faith. Every new life He creates in believers boldly screams “New person – new way of life – new creature – under construction to be like God Himself – all brought to you by our Transforming Creator!” Those young lives have been changed forever.

What a mighty, mighty, mighty God we serve!

You see God’s work at the beach, in the mountains, and in the faces of everyone around you. But if you really want to see God’s work, then decide to let God use you in sharing the gospel with others. You will never be the same again once you see Him working through you to touch others in His name. And the greatest work of God is the miracle of new birth of a person into His kingdom and family that you had a part in. And we don’t have to go to the beach, mountains, or on a mission trip for that to happen. God is waiting for you today to take Him to someone nearby so that He can perform life’s greatest work in them. Will you let Him create in you a soul winner so He can recreate those you touch?

What an awesome Creator we serve!!!!

Pastor Steve