Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

Recently our church experienced deep grief over the death of a member. Our brother was a behind the scenes handyman upon whom the church and members called upon quite frequently for help with “handyman” projects – from our cars (church vans) to lawn equipment to jobs around the house to appliances. In addition, his humor often helped others deal with their sad circumstances. He was a delight to be around…and then…he was gone.

As I pondered his death the phrase “unfinished business” came to my mind. Our friend’s work calendar was always full because of his generous heart. There were many projects, two of my own, he meant to get to…but…his death leaves some “unfinished business”. Yet, I’m sure all of us have some “unfinished business”.

Quite a few years ago a movie popularized the idea of a “bucket list”. That is where you write down all the things you want to do and accomplish before you die. Our friend died at a fairly young age, which reminds us that today is not too late to begin working on our “unfinished business”. Not a one of us knows when our time to get it all done will come. Now “bucket lists” are fine, but they often are loaded with items that will bring us pleasure. Since my friend died, God has been leading my thoughts away from myself and onto my relationships. The brother who just died could no longer work on relationships in his life that may have been less than what they could have been – “unfinished business”.

So, I ask you about your relationships. Do you have some work to do on your relationship with God? He could decide to have you take your last breath before this day is out. The Bible tells us to “prepare to meet your God” (Amos 4:12b NIV). That moment can be upon you suddenly, when you least expect it. Right now is the best time to work on that relationship. God is waiting for us to approach Him in repentance (recognizing that our life has been centered on us instead of God – confessing our sins and rebellion to Him – choosing to turn completely from that lifestyle and turn to God) and in faith (believing that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died for your rebellion and your sins…and…trusting Him as your only Savior and Master). Today is the best time to do that. Christian, is your relationship with your Father God all that it should be? Why continue to let it remain that way? He is waiting for you to move closer. The Bible says, “Come near to God and He will come near to you” (James 4:8a NIV). So, what are we waiting for? Let’s not put it off.

Do you have some work to do on your relationships with other people? Maybe it is a spouse, parent, child, relative, friend, or business associate – and that relationship is a bit strained. It may be easy to see the problem as being mainly on their side. Yet, how are you going to feel if your opportunity to get right with them is taken away? There is no better time than right now to start working on that “unfinished business”. Let’s get busy on that today.

We need to get serious about our “unfinished business”.

—–Pastor Steve