Standing In The Gap

Standing In The Gap

As I type this article and look up from the computer I’m faced with a framed verse on the wall before me. It states in BIG letters “THE GAP” and then written, over the top of an image of hands folded in prayer, is God’s Word from Ezekiel 22:30 – “I sought for a man [I would imagine a woman would do] among them that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land.” Those words haunt me and convict me! I teach and preach on prayer. I seek to consistently ask our church to pray. I’ve been elected as Prayer Team Leader for our association. In addition I have sought to live a holy life before God and you – encouraging you to join me in honoring the Lord with our lives. And yet my heart is heavy because I know I’m not the Prayer Warrior that God wants and that this world needs. I know that my life doesn’t clearly radiate Jesus all the time. I fail so much in making up the hedge and in standing in the gap.

This month we will go into the polling booth and select our choice of candidates. I know you are already praying about your choices. Let’s think for a moment that it is God going into the polling booth, but rather than presidential or congressional candidates, He finds your name as a candidate. What you are running for is that person that Ezekiel is talking about here. Someone to make up the hedge. Someone to stand in the gap. The question is, would God vote for you? While God may not be casting a ballot, He is nevertheless looking for representatives. He wants men, women, and young people from every walk of life. He is searching for those individuals who meet His criteria for becoming catalysts for revival. He is looking for those who will reflect His values, represent His philosophy, take the action necessary to carry out His will, and meet the conditions for an outpouring of His presence. The real power to change the world isn’t in the hands of the politicians; it rests with the people of God. It rests with those who have experienced the life-transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let’s check our record on some key issues that are in the forefront of God’s platform for our lives!

1.    War on evil – The war on terror in this world has been in the forefront for some time. However, there is a related war and a much greater war that is raging and that has been going on since the Garden of Eden. That is, the spiritual battle against Satan and his forces. Are we strong in the Lord and in the power of His might? Are we armed with the whole armor of God? Are we using the divine weapons of prayer and Scripture to wage war against the enemy of the souls of men? Is The Light of Christ that is in us a source of hope to the world around us?

2.    Homeland Security – Would God say that we have set up the necessary defenses in our life to prevent the Devil from intruding on our home turf? Are we actively screening what comes into home via the various communication outlets? [television, radio, internet, smart phones, books, magazines, etc.] Are we guarding who our close friendships are with? Would God say we are keeping a lookout for how the world, the flesh, and the devil may subtly influence our families?

3.    Health care – Would God say that we are faithfully attending to our spiritual health and to the spiritual health of others? Are we growing and maturing spiritually as we should? Are we involved in spiritual exercise [daily Bible study and meditating on God’s Word, daily prayer, daily witnessing, and faithful church involvement]? Are we seeking input from godly mentors, regarding our spiritual well-being? Are we involved in guarding the spiritual health of others?

4.    Employment – Would God say that we are actively employed in his service? Would God say that we are seeking opportunities to employ ourselves in his service by serving others and reaching others with his love? Would God say that we are joyfully employed, working out of love and not out of “duty”?

5.    Economic development – Would God say that we are making the best use of our God-given gifts, abilities, and resources to further His kingdom?

6.    Judicial restraint – Do we seek to understand God’s laws with an eagerness to apply them and obey them or do we tend to alter them to fit our own preferences, desires, and behaviors.

How about if God were in the ballot box to vote as to whether you are going to heaven or going to hell, which do you think it would be? Well, I can tell you exactly what it would be. If you don’t have Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Bible says you are condemned and He cannot let you into His heaven.

How about if God were in the ballot box choosing people to make up the hedge and stand in the gap. Would He choose you? Are you campaigning for or hiding from His choice? Isn’t it time that we, you and I, step up to be God’s representatives here on earth?

Choose me Father,
Pastor Steve