Sermons on Restoration

Sermons on Restoration

Overcoming Conflict

Well hey there China Grove First Baptist Church, it’s so good to see you. I’m glad that you have joined us for a time of worship and Bible study today. It’s certainly an exciting time to be alive. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this church ’cause I can see God moving through our online messages and through our in-person messages and…

The Prayerful Servant

No matter how far you strayed, God is ready to forgive you today. Well hey there everybody my name is Trent Drye and I’m the Senior Pastor here at China Grove First Baptist Church and I’m so excited that you have made the decision to join us for a time of Bible study and worship this morning. We’re so excited to just dive into God’s Word together…

It’s Not What You Think

If we strive to find our identity in family, friends, relationships, church or our past, we will be consistently disappointed, disillusioned, and discouraged.  If we have a relationship with Christ, our identity is found in Him which, as we’ve seen, produces a joy, peace and fullest possible life.