Sermons on Missions

Sermons on Missions

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Having The Right Focus

As you continue to grow in your faith , you need to be willing to stand up, step up and speak out for Christ.  There may be people who hate you and disagree with you and want to throw you in prison. Stand up, step up and speak out, because those people will spend an eternity in hell if we don’t.  They need us to share this truth with them.

Missions Is Not For Me

The work that we go to do has to be a conduit for the why of what we’re doing. It has to be about Jesus. Hello there China Grove First Baptist Church, my name is Chad Lewis.  Most of you may be tuning in and expecting to see Pastor Trent.  Pastor Trent had a pre-scheduled missions conference that he was scheduled to preach at this weekend. So I am grateful for the…