It’s Not What You Think

If we strive to find our identity in family, friends, relationships, church or our past, we will be consistently disappointed, disillusioned, and discouraged.  If we have a relationship with Christ, our identity is found in Him which, as we’ve seen, produces a joy, peace and fullest possible life. 

What Happened?

The churches in Galatia were no longer looking like the church it was created to be.  You can almost here Paul saying “how did you go from being redeemed through Christ, believing in Him and reflecting Him, to relying on yourselves, trying to do things your own way?”

We’re Not That Different

We each have a past.  We are here in the moment.  What will your future look like?  I can guarantee you this, with Christ, you do not have to face it alone and with Christ, it will be the fullest life possible.  And with Christ, it will be an eternal life, one spent in relationship with Him.