Re-Entering the World of Blogging

Re-Entering the World of Blogging

It was seven and half years ago that I stepped out of my comfort zone in a BIG way. I sent out my first blog. Here’s how it started: “Blogging is a new adventure for our church and certainly this pastor. I’ve recently advanced from the “Computer Illiterate” stage to the “Since things are being backed-up I’ll take a chance and try a few things” stage. Never in my biggest dreams did I think I’d be launching out into the area of blogging. Hey, to be honest, I don’t even know what it is or how it works. But when our church webmaster suggested we go in this direction, the Spirit of God confirmed the step of faith in my heart. So this will be just that – a step of faith. For a fellow who still types with two fingers and likes to stay as private as possible, this will be a faith adventure for me and will require complete reliance on the my Father who is leading me kicking and making excuses. I can anticipate this new ministry being as much for me as anyone who might read the entries on the blog. So let’s grow together.” (You can read the entire previous post here).

In three months’ time I had written five blogs. However, the pressure of getting something else out and the uncomfortableness of being so vulnerably open to others finally got to be too much and I quit – never looking back until recently. In cleaning out my computer files I came across the “Blog” folder. After reading what had been written earlier I couldn’t shake the feeling that God had not taken away His call on me to be a part of this internet world and to be used of Him to speak truth to those He would direct to the blog. Beneath a heavy conviction of the Lord I have wrestled with obedience to this call. The old nature has thrown up numerous red flags and still there is a growing peace from the Holy Spirit that this is God’s will. So as I said to my congregation yesterday, “There are two words that cannot go together ?No, Lord'” – I’m saying “Yes, Lord!”

If God lays it on your heart, pray for my obedience, that God will help me not to quit this time. It will take great discipline. It will require new spiritual eyes to see beyond the surface. It will take courage to be open and vulnerable. It will require precious time.

In response to my obedience, God immediately laid a thought on my heart that may just be the topic of my next blog. So, over the next few weeks and months I’ll see if we can make this website a real weblog or blog. Let the adventure begin!

— Pastor Steve