October 2018

Happy Birthday

Harold DeVoe – 1
Steve Brown – 3
Melissa Simmons – 6
Colton Green – 7
Earlene Lippard – 8
Tony Freeman – 10
John Russell – 13
Donna Kimball – 17
Justin Scarborough – 17
Chiffonia Doby – 18
Jared Neal – 21
Ashlynn Coffer – 21
Lydia Wilson – 23
Jeremy Carter – 24
Hunter Honeycutt – 25
Kelsey Brown – 26
Gabriel Simmons – 26
Bill Deaver – 27
Phillip Hamilton – 27
Joshua Simmons – 28
Garrison Collins – 29
David Ramirez – 30
Rachel Stone – 31

OASIS (Older Adults Still In Service) – OASIS will meet Tuesday, October 2nd, in the FLC for a catered lunch at 11:30am. Our program will feature a Gospel Group. Come and share in the good food, fun and fellowship

WOM (Women On Mission) – WOM Bible Study will meet at 1pm Tuesday, October 9th, in the FLC. Come and enjoy this time of learning and fellowship. Our Main Street Mission items are Peanut Butter, Jelly and Toilet Paper.

Children’s Worship – During the 10:00 worship hour, we have a children’s worship service available for your child in the Family Life Center next door.  Holidays and the last Sunday of each month there is no Children’s Worship so as to allow the opportunity for families to worship together.

Finance Report

Please be in prayer that our financial resources will be provided.

January – September 24,  2018 
Contributions Needed/Goal $212,116
Contributions Received $203,829
Under Budget -$8,288

Capital Improvement Fund – Help drive our church forward.  Goal:  $50,000.  We’ve received $37,985.02.  Cash or check donations accepted.

In Memory Of

Paul Owens
Given by:
Arletta Kluttz
Ruby Raper SS Class
Melissa’s Funeral Meal Group

Virginia Deaver
Given by:
Arletta Kluttz
Ruby Raper SS Class
Melissa’s Funeral Meal Group

Thank You

Dear Church Family,
I apologize for sending this letter so late! I greatly appreciate the scholarship that I have received for this semester. First Baptist Church continues to be a blessing to me. Your prayers and financial assistance have helped me immensely. I ask that you continue to pray that I will grow in love of Christ as I complete my degree at Southeastern. I will be praying that First Baptist finds the pastor that it needs in God’s timing.
In Christ, Patrick Karriker

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