Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Today I have come to one of my favorite get away spots – Sloan Park. I love sitting at the picnic table under the trees that faces the back of the old mill. In front of me is the small stream that flows by. The birds are normally chirping, and since I go early when the park opens and have the park to myself, it is such a peaceful time to meet with the Lord. So once again I am drawn to – well, I was going to say our spot – but the name JESUS is etched on the table top – so I guess other Christians have found this same place to be a neat location to meet King Jesus.

God just gave me a serendipity. One of our church members who works at the park part-time came by to chat a moment. He was blowing off the paved areas before the usual Saturday morning guests arrive. It was neat to see him, but my main purpose is to meet with my Lord. My walk with Him lately has not been as steady as it should be and the burdens I’m carrying are getting a bit heavy. So off I have come to this secluded spot to get things right with God and to be renewed from within.

There is a woodpecker nearby. He sure is persistent. Knock! Knock! In fact that is what the Holy Spirit has been doing in my heart for several weeks. Knocking – persistently knocking – trying to get my attention. My visit to Sloan Park was on His mind long before this morning. I’ve just been putting Him off. You don’t do that do you? And now that Jesus and I have been sweetly talking for a while, I wonder “Why in the world do I forsake Him and put Him off. How stupid!”

Soon after I arrived God drew my attention to the debris [limbs and twigs] that had collected right in front of me. They were hindering the flow of the stream. And then BAM! The Spirit spoke, “There’s too much debris of sin that has collected in your life and it is hindering My flow through you.” Ouch! This was supposed to be a “give me your blessing Lord” visit. But once again I need to be taught that sin in our lives holds up God’s blessings. And suddenly I was confessing sins – neglect of God’s Word, little spiritual intimacy with Lucy, critical attitude, selfishness, worry, fear…and a whole lot of other trash that was stifling my spiritual life. WOW, it so good to have the water of life flowing again. What trash in your life is stifling God’s work? Isn’t it time you made it to your own picnic table to meet with the Lord?

I love the beautiful sound of the stream in front of me. It kind of provides the music for the birds as they are singing unto the Lord. And as I was taking it all in, God has once again spoken to my heart – “The stream up above where you are sitting is not making melody. It is quietly flowing along. Yet before you are rocks. It is the water flowing over and around the rocks that is providing the sweet, soothing sound. And so it is with your life. I can make more sweet music through you during the difficult times then I can through the easy times.” I knew that, but once again the Lord lovingly gives me a reminder. So Lord, play on, I desire for you to bring Jesus honoring music from the difficult path our family is on right now! And how about you? God sure can enable you to handle your tough circumstances better than you can handle them alone. In fact, I bet your life can strum up a wonderful tune for Him as you flow over and around those rocks of adversity!

There goes that woodpecker again. He had stopped for a while, but now he’s back at it. Yes Lord, I hear your additional knock on my heart. This time I want to respond a lot quicker!…Do you hear Him knocking? Knocking? Well??????

Listening for the Still Small Voice,
Pastor Steve