Hypocrite Of The Year

Hypocrite Of The Year

Over 20 years ago there was a convention of atheists in Chicago – during Easter week no less. [I can’t remember whether they met on April Fool’s Day or – that is the national holiday for atheists]. Anyway, one of the highlights of that convention years ago was a
decision on who was the greatest hypocrite of the year for that particular year. It seems that the nominees were: President Jimmy Carter, singer Anita Bryant, and former Black Panther leader, Eldridge Cleaver…The race was close, but the award went to Eldridge…He was declared by the atheists as Hypocrite of 1977.

I mention this, not to pass judgment on any one of the three nominees, but because when I read about it I wondered who we in our church would pick. What if First Baptist held a banquet this month and gave out our Hypocrite of the Year award? Who would be nominated?

Do you think the following might get votes?

The nominees are…[Drum roll and trumpets, please]:

– The lady who decks herself out in her finest for the Easter parade down the aisle – never to be seen again until…whenever!

– The member who when asked says that he loves the church and is interested in seeing the church grow but never comes to church.

– The wise old person who knows all the weaknesses and failings of the church but hasn’t been and cares not to help make things better.

– The church leader who sings, plays an instrument, and sometimes teaches…so that others may see and take note…but never once do they
see Jesus in His life – just him.

And the winner is…A surprise entry!

– The real born again believer – the real Christian who, when away from other Christians, acts like she is not one, even though she really is.

You can call the church office for your reward, if you can get through, because the lines will probably be jammed.

There is hypocrisy in all of us. Why wait till revival [April 18-21] to get right with God. Do it today!


I too need to practice what I peach,
Pastor Steve