Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Grandchildren – Grandchildren for a week – Grandchildren for a week when you aren’t used to having them around! That’s where we are as I write this. Our three Delaware grandkids are blessing us this week and producing for us memorable moments.

Did you know that children can fuss with each other? And did you know that more often than not they do it over the silliest and smallest of things? Lucy and I don’t seem to have trouble agreeing on what movie to go see – who gets to sit where at the dining room table – or who gets to take a shower first. And she and I do not seem preoccupied with the failures of the other person. Ah but we sure have been overwhelmed with tattling this week. But then again, we’re mature [I hope] adults and our guests of honor are just 10, 8, and 5.

Tonight one of the three complained of a bad headache [I’m afraid I’ve passed that awful migraine gene down the line]. Well off to the medicine cabinet we go to help with the pain – extra strength this and that won’t do for a child. Once again we find we were not quite prepared for this wonderful visit. A late night jaunt to Wal-Mart retrieves the needed child dose. Our adult remedies just won’t work for young ones.

There is nothing like grandkids to emphasize how old you are becoming. It doesn’t take long to realize that children have an endless supply of energy. They can drain my tank in no time flat and wonder why “Pappy” is fizzling out. Did we ever have that much zip and spunk? Just today we took them to Monkey Joe’s [full of blow-ups – slides, bounce houses, and obstacle courses]. They played hard for over 2 hours and wanted to play some more. We wore ourselves out just walking from one amusement to another – and sitting down when we arrived – never getting in on the action. We marvel at their get-up-and-go, knowing our get-up-is-gone.

OK, OK – you are aware that there are differences between adults and children. But bring it over into the spiritual realm. There are plenty of differences between mature believers and young [new] believers.
– Are you patient [God sure has been building that quality in us this week] with new believers? Are you doing everything you can to help them grow? Are you role modeling the way of Christ before them? Are you teaching them and encouraging them?
– Are you patient with those of us who have worked and worked in the Master’s field and are finding ourselves giving out? Are you stepping up to do your part? Are you expressing gratitude to those who have laid the foundation you are standing on?
– As you view other Christians, do you find yourself focusing on their Christlike qualities or are you drawn toward those less than stellar attributes. Certainly you aren’t one to talk about that person to others in a negative fashion. Surely you have moved beyond the childish way of gossip and seeing only the bad.
– And most assuredly you aren’t one to let the silliest and smallest of things come between you and another believer. I’m sure you have matured so that you overlook faults, forgive and move on with others.

God loves to birth new believers, but He doesn’t want us to stay immature. He wants us to grow. Have you grown out of your baby ways? Are you maturing to the point that you can help less mature Christians in their walk and growth in the Lord? Megan, Joshua and Jessica are God’s gift to us this week to remind us where God has brought us from [childhood] and to give us an opportunity to help them grow toward adulthood. And, WOW, are we enjoying the experience!

Still Room To Grow – Pastor Steve