Fish’n Buddies

Fish’n Buddies

We all would agree that welcoming our church guests is vitally important. We have made some strides toward helping people to become better acquainted. We now offer the fellowship time in between early worship and Sunday School in the Family Life Center. This is a great ministry and whoever makes it over there finds it to be a very warm and inviting place to be. Yet, how do guests know to go to the FLC? Too often our fellowship time becomes a “Members Only Club” (not by design, but by location).
We will be reorganizing our Greeter Ministry soon and are looking for volunteers. Yet, making guests feel at home is a wonderful privilege we all have. For that reason, I want to offer these techniques that I feel will assist you in helping first-time guests to feel welcome here at First Baptist Church.

1. Be committed to the ministry of helps. Helping people feel at home is a service to the Lord that we all should be involved in. Be faithful to the calling. Arrive EARLY, not on-time. Welcoming guests happens 30 minutes prior to the beginning of service.

2. Be aware of what is going on. As a helper your job is to assist people in feeling welcome at our church. Do not get caught up in small talk with church members to the point that when a guest enters the room you cannot break away to do your job.

3. Take the time to get to know the guests on a personal level. People today see right through superficial greetings. Politeness is no substitute for friendliness in today’s world. Guests do not care how polite you are, they are more interested in how real you are. They want to see you as a real person trying to get to know them as real people.

4. Be aware of your posture. Relax. Don’t hover over them while they are sitting in a pew. Sit in the pew in front of them and turn and talk with them. Sitting down always gives the impression that you value their company and want to offer your time to them without limitations.

5. Ask questions. The best way to show somebody that you value them as a person is to ask questions about who they are and what they do. Women love to talk about their families and men love to talk about their jobs.

6. Introduce them to a new friend. Keep an eye open for someone in the crowd that would be a good hand-off person – somebody that understands hospitality and will go the extra mile to see that the guest will feel welcome and secure. Once you have identified a hand-off person, say something like, “Oh, there’s Dave and Lisa! Come on, let me introduce you, you’re gonna love these guys”. Take them over and introduce them or invite Dave and Lisa over to meet the guests.
Jesus told us to be fishers of men. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The best fishing hole in China Grove is our church facility every Sunday. Bring your fishing rod with you when you come to the church house.

Your Fish’n Buddy,
Pastor Steve