Dependance Day

Dependance Day

July is the month of independence in the life of our nation [233rd Birthday], but in the life of the believer it is time for dependence upon God. The society in which we live is a runaway train moving toward destruction without any concern for God or His precious words of direction for us. There is no standard of righteousness today in the nation as a whole.

Crime in the streets, home and schools is an everyday occurrence. Life has become so cheap that it is discarded for such things as shoes, clothes, money, pleasure and drugs.

We have also murdered the innocent in the womb and thrown away life for the convenience of the mother or father. Each year, 97% of all abortions are for birth control reasons.

We have watched those things that God has condemned as sin and an abomination become accepted and a right in the nation while religious freedoms that were once rights now have become a sin to our nation. The 10 Commandments have been replaced in our schools by condoms, the fact of Creation is being replaced by the farce of evolution, and the sin of homosexuality is now being protected as a viable lifestyle.

As the people of God we need to understand that even though we are members of the United States of America, our real citizenship is in heaven, and that we are to serve the Lord even when it goes against our society. It is only when we commit our lives, our homes, our schools, and our business dealings to God and God alone can we ever be the light of the world and salt of the earth [Matthew 5:13-16] that God has called us to be. Only then can we begin to have a godly influence on this ungodly society.

If there is any hope for our nation it will be in the strong work of the Holy Spirit through a strong and vital church. Satan has taken too much territory from God in our lifetime. And many of the leaders we have elected into office are only going to help him take even more. It’s time that we, First Baptist Church, decide to take some of that territory back! We need to make our church’s mission statement something that we are dedicated to – Expanding God’s territory in our hearts, home, church, community and world! Is our church going to be moving forward in an all out attack on Satan or are we going to passively let that scalawag take some more territory while we stand on the sidelines?

What can we do? We can pray – pleading with God to send revival. We can pray for those decision-making leaders to get right with the Lord. We can pray for our lost friends to get saved. We can pray for each other to live a life that shows His standard of righteousness. We can witness, taking opportunities each day to share Jesus with those without Him. God wants us to grow His army so that He has more soldiers to fight His battle. We can faithfully vote those individuals into office (no matter what party they represent) that love God and who will promote His agenda instead of their own. We can live His life – His godly life – before the ungodly all around us. We can stand for the right instead of cowering to those who would promote that which is against God’s Word. Above all we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to do all the above and more through us. I’m afraid if we don’t take action soon we will not see our 248th birthday as a nation. That’s just 15 years away. Satan is in a full out charge and we must in the power of the Holy Spirit STOP him.

Calling all Christian Soldiers
To arms – To arms – the devil is coming
Pastor Steve