Could You Spare Some Time?

Could You Spare Some Time?

Could your family spare just 20-30 minutes?

Our deacons would love to visit in your home. They are interested in getting to know you and your family better. They want to know what you think about our church [First Baptist]. They’d like to keep the visit short for two reasons. The first is your busy schedule and the second is to allow them time to possibly make 2 visits in one evening. Their goal is to visit in every resident member’s home. The deacons will also be visiting in the homes of our staff and each other’s homes. We’re attempting to visit everyone.

They have planned to ask the following six questions and you are free to answer only those you feel comfortable in answering. Your answers will be recorded but your name will not accompany that sheet. Should you indicate a willingness to serve in a specific capacity [questions #4 and #5] only then will we record your name for follow-up.

  1. What is one thing you are excited about that our church is doing now?
  2. What is one thing you would like to see changed about what we are doing now?
  3. What is one thing you would like to see us add in the future to what we are doing now?
  4. Is there something you would like to do in our church that you have not been asked to do?
  5. We are organizing quite a few Servant Ministry Teams in our church. Would you be interested in being contacted about serving on one of them? [Information about the following teams will be left with your family]
    a. Greeter Team
    b. Welcome Center Team
    c. Refreshment Team
    d. Commitment Card Organizer Team
    e. Treat provider Team
    f. Treat Delivery Team
    g. Monday Follow-up Team
    h. Follow-up Visitation Team
  6. Is there anything else on your mind about our church?

The purpose of asking the questions is to gather information from our members that the deacons and church leadership will be looking at seriously and praying over. We are very interested in what you might want to share with us.

I’d like to ask you to look at your February schedule for a few free nights [4 or 5] that might suit for a team [of two] to come by for about ½ hour. You should be contacted by one of our deacons or ministers to line up a visit sometime in February or early March. Your time in praying over these questions before hand will help our time in your home to be more productive to God and our church.

Thanks for letting us come by and hear what’s on your heart.
You are a key person in what God is and wants to do through our church

Pastor Steve