First Baptist Church

“Seeking to Expand God’s Territory”

Pastor Chris O’Guin – Interim Pastor
Graham Honeycutt – Music & Family Ministries
Marsha Carter – Organist
Cecil Lipscomb – Drummer; Sammy Freeze – Electric Guitar;
JoAnn Collins – Vocalist; Tim Honeycutt – Keyboard
Teresa Poole – Secretary

July 5, 2020

Drive-in Service @ 10:00 AM
Online Service @ 10:00 AM

Deacon of the Week – Rodney Phillips
Next Week – Jimmy Clark

For Our Guests
Thank you for honoring us with your presence today. Our guiding verse is “For we do not preach ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” (II Corinthians 4:5). With that in mind, we’d like to ask all first time guests to fill out the “We’re Glad You’re Here!” card in your guest pack so we can know how best to be your servant. We ask that you place the card in the offering plate as it is passed. If you prefer you may fill out an online guest card at chinagrovefbc.com/guests

Extended Session
If you cannot serve, please call your substitute so your time will be covered

Youth Supper Groups Monthly Schedule:
1st Sunday – Men on Missions
2nd Sunday – Youth Committee
3rd Sunday – Ruby Raper & WOW SS Classes
4th Sunday – Youth Committee
To help support this ministry for our youth, please contact JoAnn Collins, Graham Honeycutt or a youth committee member.

Church ServicesPlease continue to lift our church council in prayer as decisions of the church activities are being made. We are continuing our outdoor services at 10am until at least August 30.

Committee Leaders – As we begin a new calendar year, please try to keep Teresa informed of any upcoming meetings and events so that she can put it on the church calendar and have it reflected in the bulletins.  This will help keep the church family informed and help prevent scheduling conflicts with other committees.

Red Box Item for Women in prison. We are collecting deodorant for our Red Box item this year to help fill the hearts of the women who are in prison.  Our association goal is 500.  They need to be either solids or roll-on, 2oz to 3.5oz, plastic container.  A box is in the Family Life Center for collecting thru the 1st of November.  Thank you church family for taking part in this ministry. Christ love, Jeannie Patterson

Working For Jesus

Sun (5)10:00 AMDrive-In Service – Church Parking Lot
Wed (8)Online Service ONLY

Last Sunday’s Report
Sunday School: –
Morning Worship: – 73
Budget Receipts: – $7,687.00

Happy Birthday
Matthew Scarborough – 6
Matthew Trexler – 6
Oley Parker – 7
Melanie Blackwelder – 7
Liberty Collins – 9
Ian Ramirez – 11

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