First Baptist Church

“Seeking to Expand God’s Territory”

Pastor Mike Herring – Interim Pastor
Graham Honeycutt – Music & Family Ministries

Marsha Carter – Organist
Cecil Lipscomb – Drummer; Sammy Freeze – Electric Guitar; JoAnn Collins – Vocalist;
Jerry Lippard – Bassist; Tim Honeycutt – Keyboard
Teresa Poole – Secretary

June 17, 2018

Seeking To Serve

Opportunities of Service
Opening Prayer
Welcome to Our Guests
Honoring Our Fathers
Worship the Lord Here For You
Where I Belong
Offertory Prayer Sharon Barnette
Offertory Instrumental
Worship The Lord Hymn #334 – Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine
Choir Special Willingly
Message God Strong Men – Ephesians 5:25-33; 6:4 – Pastor Mike
Invitation Hymn #352 – Faith of Our Fathers


No Evening Services

Deacon of the Week – Sharon Barnette
Next Week – Janet Brawley

For Our Guests
Thank you for honoring us with your presence today. Our guiding verse is “For we do not preach ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” (II Corinthians 4:5). With that in mind, we’d like to ask all first time guests to fill out the “We’re Glad You’re Here!” card in your guest pack so we can know how best to be your servant. We ask that you place the card in the offering plate as it is passed. If you prefer you may fill out an online guest card at chinagrovefbc.com/guests

Extended Session
If you cannot serve, please call your substitute so your time will be covered
June 17 – Jeannie P. (8:45 AM); Jennifer C. & Jessica H. (10:00 AM)
June 20 – Summer Schedule/No Wednesday Nursery
June 24 – JoAnn C. (8:45 AM); Hannah G. & Stacey H. (10:00 AM)
June 27 – Summer Schedule/No Wednesday Nursery
July 1 – Donna H. (8:45 AM); Brian C. & Kim C. (10:00 AM)
July 8 – Jessica H. (8:45 AM); Robert & Laura M. (10:00 AM)

Finance/Offerings Report
Last Week Month Year to Date
Offerings Rec’d $3,627 $10,882 $122,869
Budget Needed $5,582 $11,164 $128,386
Ahead/Behind -$1,955 -$282 -$5,517

Capital Improvement Fund – Help drive our church forward.  Goal:  $50,000.  Cash or check donations accepted.  We’ve received $32,110.02 toward our goal.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns  – If you have prayer concern(s) please list that person(s), the concern and your name. Turn in to Pastor Mike  or the church office.

VBS Training June 24 @ 4pm:  Attendance is mandatory for all youth workers.  Optional but encouraged for adults to attend.

Deacon Training Dates @ 3:30pm:  July 8th, Sessions #4, #5 and #6.

The motion made at the called business meeting on June 10th for our church to establish an equity line of credit passed.  Finance and Trustees will proceed with establishing it.

Hear…Pray…Act –  This week we’re praying for Dustin Gillespie, pastor in Teachey, NC.  Pastor Dustin planted Redemption Fellowship Church.  He is requesting prayer for endurance.  They are currently meeting at a school and face the challenges of meeting in a mobile space.  They are also asking prayer that they would have the excitement to lead the lost to Christ and the discipleship of fellow Christians. Learn more about praying for international missionaries at:  www.operationworld.org

Unreached People – There are over 3 billion people that have never heard the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and a relationship with the One True God.  Each week, we are going to be praying for a specific people group that they would hear the message of Jesus Christ.  This week, we are praying for the Gujjar People of Pakistan.  There are no known Christians among the 2.3 million Gujjar people.  100% of the population believes in Islam. They do not have any portion of the Bible in their language.  Centuries of commitment to a religion that denies the deity of Jesus is not quickly overcome.

Children’s Worship – During the 10:00 worship hour, we have a children’s worship service available for your child in the Family Life Center next door.  Holidays and the last Sunday of each month there is no Children’s Worship so as to allow the opportunity for families to worship together.

Vermont Missions 2018 – Please lift up the below people as they will be going to Vermont to share the message of Jesus Christ, July 20-28.  As the team is finalizing the trip and project details, please pray specifically for team unity, clarity in sharing the Gospel, and sensitivity to those who need to hear.  There is still time to contribute to the mission trip.  Please mark your envelopes “Vermont Mission Trip”.  We will be partnering with Corinth Baptist Church in Ellenboro, NC on the mission trip again this year.

–  Reed, Renee, Lilly, and Chance Simmons
–  Deb & Hannah Gagnier
–  Chad, Amanda, Clayton and Gracie Lewis
–  Cecil Lipscomb
–  Steve & Linda McCurry (Corinth Baptist Church)
–  Nelson & Trina Smith (Corinth Baptist Church)

Please join those nominated to serve our church as deacons as they seek God’s will in accepting the nomination to be on the ballot in August.  Potential deacons, please remember to complete all paperwork and return your packet to Wendy Fontenot as soon as possible–no later than July 22nd.  


Working for Jesus
Sun (17) 8:00 am Men’s Breakfast
8:45 am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:00 am Worship Service Service/Father’s Day
…No Evening Services
Mon (18) 7:00 pm Pastor Search Committee Meeting
Wed (20) 5:45 pm Church Supper
6:50 pm Adult Bible Study
Sun (24) 8:45 am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:00 am Worship Service
4:00 pm VBS Training
4:30 pm Youth Camp Meeting
5:00 pm Finance Committee Meeting
6:00 pm Business Meeting
Mon-Fri (25-29) …Vacation Bible School 8:45 – 12:15 pm
Wed (27) 5:45 pm VBS Meal
6:30 pm VBS Rally
Sun (July 1) 8:45 am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:00 am Worship Service
…No Evening Services
Mon-Sat (2-7) Youth & Children’s Camp
Wed (4) …No Evening Services
Sun (8) 8:45 am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:00 am Worship Service
3:30 pm Deacon’s Training
5:00 pm Trustee’s Meeting
5:30 pm CareNight
Wed (11) 6:30 pm Worship Service
6:50 pm Adult Bible Study
6:50 pm Youth Bible Study
Sat (21) China Grove Farmer’s Day
Fri-Sat (20-28) …Vermont Mission Trip

Last Sunday’s Report
Sunday School: 78
Morning Worship: 90
Budget Receipts: $3,626.69

Happy Birthday
Dean Moore – 17
Robin Coffer – 23

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