First Baptist Church

“Seeking to Expand God’s Territory”

Pastor Chris O’Guin – Interim Pastor
Graham Honeycutt – Music & Family Ministries
Marsha Carter – Organist
Cecil Lipscomb – Drummer; Sammy Freeze – Electric Guitar; JoAnn Collins – Vocalist;
Tim Honeycutt – Keyboard
Teresa Poole – Secretary

October 20 , 2019

Seeking to Serve

Prepare Our Hearts for Worship
Opening Prayer
Welcome to Our Guests
Worship The Lord Hymn #138 – At Calvary
Offertory Prayer Tim Honeycutt
Offertory Instrumental
Choir Special If God Be For Us
Worship The Lord How Great Is Our God
Blessed Assurance
Solo Mitzi Laubscher
Message Who Is Jesus? – John 1:1-14 – Pastor Chris
Invitation Hymn #280 – Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross

Bible Study – 6:00 PM

Deacon of the Week – Tim Honeycutt
Next Week – Phillip Karriker

For Our Guests
Thank you for honoring us with your presence today. Our guiding verse is “For we do not preach ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” (II Corinthians 4:5). With that in mind, we’d like to ask all first time guests to fill out the “We’re Glad You’re Here!” card in your guest pack so we can know how best to be your servant. We ask that you place the card in the offering plate as it is passed. If you prefer you may fill out an online guest card at chinagrovefbc.com/guests

Extended Session
If you cannot serve, please call your substitute so your time will be covered
Oct 20 – Jeannie P. (8:45 AM); Donna P. & Linda S.
Oct 27 – JoAnn C. (8:45 AM); Stacey H. & Hanna G.
Nov 3 – Donna H. (8:45 AM); Oley P. & Deb G.
Nov 10 – Jessica H. (8:45 AM); Dean & Bonnie M.

Hear…Pray…Act – This week we’re praying for missionaries we’ll call Paul & Doris Chester who are serving as missionaries in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa. Paul & Doris come across opportunities in their ministry that are totally foreign to us here in America. They come across people who worship spirits, ancestors and who are demon possessed. As they interact with them, they have an opportunity to share of the peace found only in the One True God, Jesus Christ. Learn more about how the IMB is reaching the world by visiting IMB.org/articles/

Unreached People – This week we’re praying for the Fur people of Sudan. The Fur people live in one of the most dangerous and tumultuous regions in all the world. There is a great need, both physically and spiritually among the Fur people. With great instability in the region, there is great opportunity to share of the secure relationship found only in Jesus Christ. Pray for the missionaries that are working in the Sudan and pray that the people will be open to hearing about peace found only through Christ. Please take a group from the wall and pray for them daily. Learn more about praying for unreached people groups at www.joshuaproject.net

Youth Supper Groups Monthly Schedule:
1st Sunday – Men on Missions
2nd Sunday – Youth Committee
3rd Sunday – Ruby Raper & WOW SS Classes
4th Sunday – Youth Committee
To help support this ministry for our youth, please contact JoAnn Collins, Graham Honeycutt or a youth committee member.

At the October business meeting, the Trustees will be making a motion to allocate up to $1,000 for painting the exterior entrance to the sanctuary. The painting would be done in early November.

Operation Christmas Child – pick up a shoe box for Christmas! November 10th is the date to have the boxes back in. Thank you for your willingness to help with this mission that touches so many children! Questions see Earlene or Wendy.

Working For Jesus

Sun (20) 8:00 am Men’s Breakfast
8:45 am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:00 am Morning Worship
6:00 pm Bible Study
Wed (23) 5:45 pm Wednesday Meal
6:30 pm Children’s Mission Activity
6:30 pm Worship Service
7:30 pm Adult Choir Practice
Fri (25) 10:00 am Art Class
Sun (27) 8:45 am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:00 am Morning Worship/Stewardship Sunday
4:30 pm Deacons Meeting
6:00 pm Church Business Meeting
Wed (30) …No Evening Services
Thurs (31) 9:00 am Homeschool Co-Op
5:00 – 6:00 pm Trunk of Treats
Sun (3) 8:45 am Sunday School/Bible Study
10:00 am Sunday School/Bible Study
6:00 pm Bible Study
Mon (4) 6:00 pm Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer; Rockwell Baptist Church
Tues (5) 11:30 am OASIS (Older Adults Still In Service)
Wed (6) 5:45 pm Wednesday Meal
6:30 pm Children’s Mission Activity
6:30 pm Worship Service
7:30 pm Adult Choir Practice

Last Sunday’s Report
Sunday School: 67
Morning Worship: 96
Budget Receipts:$3,469.00

Happy Birthday
Ashlynn Coffer – 21
Lydia Wilson – 23
Jeremy Carter 24
Hunter Honeycutt – 25
Kelsey Brown – 26
Gabriel Simmons – 26

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