Being A Donkey For Jesus

Being A Donkey For Jesus

A.W. Tozer, a great saint of God of yesteryear, once gave the illustration in which he referred to the first Palm Sunday on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem. The crowds began to shout “Hosanna”. The old donkey pricked up his ears. Some in the crowd threw their coats in the road; others spread out palm branches. “Well”, said the donkey, “I had no idea that they really appreciated me like this! Listen to those hosannas, would you. I really must be something.”

Now we know different. All the donkey did was bring Jesus to the people. The Hosannas were for the Lord he was bearing. But don’t overlook the importance of what the donkey was doing. In fact he was performing the greatest act possible…Let me share a couple of suggestions that come to me out of this illustration.

(1) Our finest moments will be when we take Jesus to someone, in some way. However that occurs and wherever it occurs. This is the most effective and meaningful serving anyone can do. Just to bring someone else into the presence of Almighty God – wow, what miracles – what neat changes – come about. And we can be a part of those wonderful events. All we have to do is be the donkey. Sounds degrading, doesn’t it? Yet it is not, when you think of the function you, as the donkey, will be performing – bringing Jesus to others who need Him desperately.

(2) Our finest moments will be when we seek and see glory go to Jesus in what we do. Self serving has only a fleeting moment of glory and then an emptiness follows. But serving, in the name of Jesus, where we don’t mind being the serving donkey, leaves a fragrance of the Master filling the heart. What a beautiful function we serve as that donkey, bringing Jesus the glory from others that He deserves!

Let’s take Jesus upon us…

Bearing Him to others

Lifting Him up for praise

Your fellow donkey,

Pastor Steve