Based On Nothing

Based On Nothing

Do you realize that the Christian faith is based on nothing? Just think about what Dr. Luke says in the Gospel of Luke about our Lord’s resurrection, “And when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus” [Luke 24:2]. I take from that verse, brothers and sisters, that our belief and our faith are based on nothing. We believe in a God who out of nothing makes everything – in the beginning or on Easter!

For a few moments I’d like for you to think with me about some of these “nothings” our faith is built on. It will enhance your understanding if you will to look up and meditate on each of the verses referenced. Let God really excite you today.

  1.  NOTHING impossible with God – Jeremiah 32:17; Luke 1:37
  2. NOTHING brought into this world and nothing taken out – Psalm 49:17; 1 Timothy 6:7
  3. NOTHING good received except from God – John 3:27
  4. We lack NOTHINGDeuteronomy 2:7; Luke 22:35
  5. NOTHING in secret – John 18:20
  6. NOTHING done wrong by Jesus – Luke 23:41
  7. NOTHING left that is not put under Him – Hebrews 2:8
  8. Nations before Him are NOTHINGIsaiah 40:17
  9. Without Him we can do NOTHINGJohn 15:5
  10. NOTHING is impossible for us [with Him] – Matthew 17:20

Eight year old Stephen was mentally retarded and quite frail physically. When the Sunday School teacher asked each class member, eight of them total, to hide within an empty L’eggs pantyhose container one small object that represented the new life of spring, she felt a twinge of embarrassment for Stephen. He just might not understand the assignment. Others placed flowers, grass, even butterflies in their containers. Stephen’s turn came last and his container was empty. Though the teacher had praised each child for what they had placed in their egg she was about to skip over Stephen’s egg when he interjected, “I know it is empty, but don’t skip it. The tomb of Jesus was empty and that provides new life for us”.

Oh how right Stephen was. But what difference has the empty tomb made in your life?

Let me finish the story I just related. Very soon after the egg lesson in Sunday School Stephen took a turn for the worse. In fact, his life only lasted a few more months. At the conclusion of his graveside service the gathered crowd was astonished as his Sunday School teacher and his seven class mates made their way to the front – each putting an empty egg on top of his casket.

Would you pause and praise God for the “nothings” your faith is based upon.

He is RISEN – Bro Steve