Are You Bugged?

Are You Bugged?

Recently I had the opportunity to take a small group of senior adults from our church to Caswell for a retreat. When I’m down there I love, weather permitting, to get up early and go sit on the porch of the conference center and enjoy some quiet time with the Lord. The following is what I wrote in my spiritual journal one morning on this last visit [The Lord’s words are in italics]

“It is so peaceful here on the porch. There goes a pilot boat. Is a freighter coming into the harbor at this time in the morning? Now, there goes a fishing boat. I expect to see others of those shortly if they haven’t already gone to sea. The birds are providing a whole concert of songs – sung all together. Others are moving in formation, so effortlessly, across the water. The harbor is getting in on the action as it provides the orchestra – lapping loudly on to the shore. The temperature is cool and refreshing – my phone says it is 59°. The sky is showing signs of sunrise approaching. Clouds are very visible against the hazy light blue backdrop and the horizon is brightening up with a soft pink.”

“And I get to enjoy all this by myself. Thank You Lord. It is so calming and it helps me concentrate on You – such a marvelous Creator. It is all wonderful except the bugs – gnats, mosquitoes, and other creatures. In fact Lord, they are ‘bugging’ me to the extent that I’m going inside.”

“Don’t you realize that I created them too?”

“Yes, Lord and I’m making their day. Just why did You create them anyway Master?”

“Maybe just to bug you. Seriously, there are parts of My creation that you’ll have to trust Me about and will have to just put up with.”

“Alright Lord, but today I’m going to purchase some bug repellent so I can enjoy Your orchestra and show tomorrow morning without as much interruption.”

When I had retreated back inside, a contemporary song that I’ve heard on the radio came kept playing in my mind called “This Is The Stuff”. Maybe you’ve heard Francesca Battistelli sing about the everyday things that drive us crazy – like speeding tickets when we’re running behind or misplacing our keys or phone. Yet she has learned that is the stuff God uses in her life to remind her of all the good He has blessed her with and uses to build her faith. Isn’t it the same in your life? Things that “bug” us are often the irritants God uses to get our attention. Some of the best growing times in my life have come out of the nagging mosquito moments.

I’m learning that God can use these “bugging” interruptions in a positive fashion in my life. In fact, as I turn them over to Him, I find Him to be the best repellent around. He doesn’t take the bugs away – they still buzz around me – but with Him they don’t “bug” me as much. I’m finding myself even tolerating all the slow drivers God sends my way daily. And since I’ve asked His help there seems to be more of them, but the Lord and I are handling it all pretty good.

Guess what, for at least a short while I’m thankful for irritating bugs. Hey, they did provide me with this newsletter article.

Just Trying to Put a Bug in Your Ear,
Pastor Steve