A Willing Heart

A Willing Heart

I want to thank you for tuning into my heart thoughts every month. It means a lot to me that you would think my ideas worth considering. This month I’d like to introduce you to some thoughts from someone that I tune into a lot – my bride – Lucy! Just this last week God woke her up during the night with some thoughts she couldn’t lay aside. She got up and jotted those thoughts down as fast as she could. So I present to you Your Pastor’s Wife’s Heart – entitled “A Willing Heart?”.

We click on an image with our mouse to enlarge it…to see the details. If God clicked on our lives here at FBC to enlarge our service for Him, to expand His territory, what would He find?

  • A willing heart? Or a self-consumed life?
  • A schedule so filled with other things besides Himself? Or a readiness to reprioritize so He can be first?
  • A reservoir of His love? Or a pit of apathy and selfishness?

We change the resolution capacity (pixels) on our computers so we can have sharper pictures, brighter images, ones that can cover more space. If our numbers are too small (800 x 600) and we try to put in a larger one (1280 x 1024) then we lose part of that larger picture when we click on “set as background”. Our monitor size may be too small, too, to carry the change.

If we remain in our tiny comfort zone as Christians, God cannot use us for His larger plan. People He’s seeking to touch will be left waiting because we weren’t willing to catch His vision for our lives.

So what will it be? Is this our church or His church? Are we going to meander through our days with tunnel vision? Or will we focus on Him to see the real picture? Will we just stand and admire the pictures of our past on the wall? Or will we let Him capture the shots now and in the future that show us open to His leading and direction?

He is always faithful. Will we be faithful to let Him do the expanding in our live? To let Him click and drag us to another level? Or maybe He needs to click and delete some major and minor things in our lives before He can really use us for His work.

He could click on us and insert what’s needed for us to live the abundant life, His life that reaches out to others. Just as we click and save that text or picture on our computer because we don’t want to lose it – He can and will permanently “save” our life. Then His kingdom can be expanded through us every day.

We can just as easily say, “Oh that computer stuff is not for me! I don’t understand it, it’s beyond me and I don’t even care to try to learn it. I get along just fine without it.” But we can’t ignore the fact that the rest of the world is moving on whether we do or not – with or without us.

Recently I read a book entitled “Who Stole My Church?” This statement was made by the author: “Some people get upset when the church begins to put its major emphasis on the lost and broken people rather than the found and supposedly fixed ones.”

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” Psalm 34:3. Maybe it’s time for us to click on God so He can be enlarged in each of our lives. Make a resolution to be the ones where He can fit no matter what the size of His plan.

We can’t, but He can. We don’t, but He will. We haven’t, but He must because there are people dying all around us without Him, going into eternity to be separated from God forever.

Stretching hurts but in the end it paves the way for new growth. When the soreness is worked through, the strength begins to be evident. We are expanded for His glory and purpose. Our job is to be open to Him so when His cursor arrow lands on us He will be able to let others see Him in us…in our heart, homes, church, community and the world.

“I will run the course of Your commandments, For you shall enlarge my heart.” Psalm 119:32 NKJV

Steve & Lucy