3 Little Frogs

3 Little Frogs

A boy told his father, “Dad, if three frogs were sitting on a limb that hung over a pool, and one frog decided to jump off into the pool, how many frogs would be left on the limb?”

The dad replied, “Two.”

“No,” the son replied. “There’s three frogs and one decides to jump, how many are left?”

The dad said, “Oh, I get it, if one decides to jump, the others would too. So there are none left.”

The boy said, “No dad, the answer is three. The frog only DECIDED to jump.”

Does that sound like last year’s resolution? Great inspiration and great resolutions, but often times we only decide, and months later we are still on the same limb of do-nothing.

And so we find ourselves starting another year – 2012 – with many of our 2011 resolutions left far short of completion. Are we ready to set ourselves up for additional failure by establishing some “new resolutions”? We mean well, but it is so hard to turn worthwhile goals into satisfying accomplishments. Yet, should we chuck the whole idea of making resolutions? I will let you decide that for yourself, but here’s a thought worth considering. If for instance, I set a goal of losing 30 pounds by the 4th of July and only lose 18 pounds, have I “completely” failed? Sure I came up short of the goal but won’t you agree that I will be better off health wise with that nice progress?

I think we’re in trouble when we become satisfied with where we are and have no desire to improve, grow, and move out of our stifling comfort zones. So my advice is to sit down now, evaluate your life and your journey over the last year and through prayer set yourself some important goals for 2012. If you shoot for nothing you are bound to hit it. I’m sure you’d rather accomplish more than that. We need to set good goals to strive for. Those goals may deal with our physical health, with our families, with our finances, or numerous other areas. Yet, if we accomplish all or many of those goals this coming year, 2012 will still be a wash if we do not grow in Christ – draw closer to Him – become more like Him – and discover newer ways for Him to use us. We need to intentionally decide to give our best effort to God this year. What better resolutions/commitments to make than in our spiritual lives. Wouldn’t you agree that has to be our priority?

One year a fellow called his parents to wish them a happy New Year, his dad answered the phone. “Well, Dad, what’s your New Year’s resolution?” he asked him. “To make your mother as happy as I can all year,” dad answered proudly. Then mom got on, and the son said, “What’s your resolution, Mom?” “To see that your dad keeps his New Year’s resolution.”

The hardest commitments for us to keep and fulfill can sometimes be our spiritual goals. Our flesh, the world, and Satan will work hard against us as we strive for those worthwhile changes. Like the dad above we may need some help. Why not prayerfully set your spiritual goals for 2012 – enlist at least one key prayer partner to pray for you and seek to hold you accountable – AND make it a daily prayer concern to God for His help in giving you His power to accomplish the commitments He laid on your heart to make. It’s time to JUMP!!!!! Let’s lovingly push each other off of the limb.

Needing Your Push,
Pastor Steve