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Missionary Moment 

Missionary in the Horn of Africa
Look at a map of Africa: the Horn of Africa is the little tip of land that lies on the upper right side of Africa, across the Gulf of Aden from Yemen.  It is a troubled region that includes Somalia, an Islamic land that is poor, politically unstable and dangerous. There are few Christians.  But Southern Baptists have sent missionaries to change that. They must share the gospel carefully, lest they be attacked. Recently one of our missionaries met secretly in a hut with 14 men he has been discipling; all are followers of Jesus.  The men told how they have been sharing the gospel as they have opportunity. Even a donkey can help. One man told how he asked a farmer, "Do you know who created this donkey?" After the believer explained how God made the whole world, including donkeys, the farmer accepted Jesus as Savior.  Over four months, the 14 believers led more than 200 people to faith in Christ.  Our giving through the Cooperative Program sends missionaries all over the world, including dangerous places such as the Horn of Africa.

Shower of Blessings 

Our Shower of Blessings person this week is Robin Coffer.  Please join us in lifting up our Sister in Christ this week.

Daily Devotional 

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Prayer Line This line is for anybody, anywhere.  Please call or text us at 704.856.WP4Y (9749) Your message can be left anonymously or you can leave your name.  Regardless, our promise is to have our prayer team begin praying for you immediately.  As soon as your message is left, our Prayer Team will lift your request up.  Why WP4Y? Because We'll Pray 4 You.
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