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Missionary Moment 

Deaf in Asia
In an Asian nation, a deaf Muslim woman named Melly attended a Bible study because she could sense a difference in those who led the sessions. But she struggled to follow the teachings because of her deafness.  Then Ruby, one of our missionaries trained in sign language, was assigned to the area and began attending the Bible studies. Ruby shared the Bible's truths with Melly, using the rapid hand signals and gestures that are a part of the local sign language.  Soon Melly understood the salvation Jesus offered her through His atonement on the cross -- and Melly accepted Him as her Savior.  Through the Cooperative Program, our church now supports many missionaries in Asia and other parts of the world, where millions of deaf people need to have the gospel communicated to them through their own sign language.  We want all the world's deaf people to “hear” and understand the gospel.Your support allows our missionaries to share the truth of Christ with them.  Deaf people in many countries overseas struggle with poverty and persecution because of their deafness. But their biggest need is for Jesus. That’s why Baptists now send missionaries trained in sign language to reach the deaf.

Shower of Blessings 

Our Shower of Blessings person this week is Ruth Wellmon.  Please join us in lifting up our Sister in Christ this week.

Daily Devotional 

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Prayer Line This line is for anybody, anywhere.  Please call or text us at 704.856.WP4Y (9749) Your message can be left anonymously or you can leave your name.  Regardless, our promise is to have our prayer team begin praying for you immediately.  As soon as your message is left, our Prayer Team will lift your request up.  Why WP4Y? Because We'll Pray 4 You.
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